Blog site changes

I’ve put up a new survey, about the posts i make. so vote in !

I’ve also moved the “random photo” block upwards above the survey.

What do you think ? Good? Not ?
Give me your thoughs.

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3 Responses to Blog site changes

  1. Deviant says:

    Lookin’ good :-)

    As for the poll: post when you’re inspired and have time for it, we’re all looking forward to your posts anyway.

    BTW, I missed Thursday night dinner last night, and met another Oded & Lee couple. What a strange coincidence.

    • Firecat says:

      I’m with deviant, it’s fun reading your blog when you write willingly, don’t hold yourself back because you are afraid of writing too much, and don’t feel bad if you havn’t wriiten in a while.

    • SoundGuy says:

      That IS a strage coinsidece indeed !
      tell me all about it when i get back and eat with you next week…

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