Wil Wheton dot net’s Creation Gram Slam 2006 coverage

frrom WWdn:

I wandered around the con some more, talked to a lot of people, and managed to completely miss BIlly West’s talk, where I hear he announced that there will be new episodes of Futurama on FOX either later this year or early next year. I spoke with Billy after he was done, and he gave me enough industry-specific details to assure me that this is for real, so get ready for hawesomeness.


Read his full story here. Including a funny chat he had with Jonathan Frakes.

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3 Responses to Wil Wheton dot net’s Creation Gram Slam 2006 coverage

  1. astrid says:

    get me out of here, the americans scare me.

    • SoundGuy says:

      Wow !
      A genuine message in a bottle from someone deserted on a remote Island !
      a BIG remote island, sometimes known as the american continent !

      you too can escape your island ! through the miracles or cyberspace ! go immersre yourself in the virtual world of the internet, and freedom will be yours !

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