Odd Discoveries

1. This podcast is too odd to left unnoticable. Thanks Mike

2. Two of the many things you can click on my website leads to the statistics page. I have 25-50 page hits per day, and they look like a sine wave.
Oftern they look askew, but I bet ya, that if i post regularly with an exact peroid length I’d get a perfect sine wave. Yes kids ! It’s the central limit theorem !

3. I was reminded by myself today that in highschool I use to place high importance for casual “no reason for calling” phone calls. I always thought those were the most honest and true measure of friendship.
I realized that when I asked myself “What do you when you’re really bored waiting in line for a long time ?” or rather, “Who do you call to when your girlfriend forgot her cell phone on silent, and you’re bored stiff, even though you were late to your appointment yourself ?”
I’m guessing almost none of my friends anymore gets bored like they did in high school and bothered calling.

4. World of Warcraft servers were down most of the day. My server was late to go up, so I tried many other character types. I need to reconsider playing Alliance again after gaining lvl 60 on my Undead mage character.
Should I go with Gnomre Rouge ? Or a Night elf hunter ? Or something else ?

I do know i’ll want to play the expansion, and be a Blood elf. So maybe I won’t choose night elf on this one.

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3 Responses to Odd Discoveries

  1. Barnabas says:

    I protest against #3
    We have alot of idle talks!

    so there.

    • SoundGuy says:

      Don’t protest, you are the reason i wrote no. 3.
      you’re almost the only person who i have idle calls with, and you should have figured it our, since i wrote this post about an hour after i called you idlely.

  2. AssafR says:

    I hate it when people call me when they’re bored on the car, especially when it’s not always at a good time. It makes me feel like someone else’s pastime.

    Therefor I try my best not to do this to others, and resist the urge to call people when I’m in idle time on the road. Only when I really want to talk to someone and have a reason. Which explains why I haven’t any idle chats…

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