Mazal tov Barbabas for your new Blog !
It only has 1 post but it has a nice “story so far” story.

Barnabas also wrote this article in moviepoopshoot .com.

And I finally get to read something positive about one of my favorite movies : Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Manace.

I’ll post the “Tripping with Roger Nygard” post as soon as I feel like being in the mood for a long picture post. That icon post kinda drained me.

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  1. Lechuck2k says:

    His blog’s pretty interesting, especially with the story about the divorce and all… but he has a comment moderation policy, and he didn’t approve a comment I left, which is strange, since I generally remember him as being an OK kind of guy…
    In any case, I couldn’t really complain about that policy there, so here I am, in my very own comment blog, which coincidentally is also YOUR blog.
    (Felt like saying it one more time).


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