Al lowe sends this in his daily cyberjoke newsletter:

a wonderful case of revenge by a DJ’s wife who sold Lotus on eBay after she heard him brag about cheating on her.
Note the description on the item :

I need to get rid of this car immediately – ideally in the next 2-3 hours before my cheating arsehole husband gets home to find it gone and all his belongings in the street.

I am the registered owner and I have the log book. Please only buy if you can pick up tonight.

The 90,000$ car was sold for 0.50$

And while you’re at eBay, check out this guy.
Vinnie Santiago sent in this auction from a guy who took Weird Al’s song “I Bought It On Ebay” and made an auction out of it. He’s selling the rights to the domain www.IBoughtItOnEbay.com, plus a “mystery gift.”

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  1. lilysthings says:

    Hi there thanks for posting the auction for us..
    eBay kicked us off twice, we had to make corrections. Please look at this item again. I am sorry for this, I am emailing everyone, one by one, not a spam mail. If, by chance we get kicked off again. The third time for something silly , we will relist. They said that we were using the song lyrics for key word spamming that was wrote on the page. :-(
    So.. now the webpage designer made all the lyrics in a flash form, so no keywords. The second time they pulled us they said we had outside links. The links were inside ebay. People on ebay got jealous of how wonderful the page was and turned us in for minor things. If we get kicked off again search for the ebay user name “kromsales”, we had over 15 thousand hits the first three days of the first auction and over 1300 watchers before ebay decided we needed to make a change to our description. Please add us to your ebay WATCH LIST.. Let’s make it bigger and better this time!
    If your not a ebay member go sign up now! This is a BIG domain.. name.. ezas123 is BRILLIANT!
    Need a to sell something? he sells his services on ebay!! ebay user name: ezas123
    This is not a get me rich auction. We are trying to raise money for an adoption..
    all you have to do is type in iboughtitinebay.com , it will take you to the auction!! :-)
    Be sure to put us on your “watch” List ” once you get on the ebay page!! Thanks!!

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