I didn’t say it ! someone else did !

One of my online friends – Sam, wrote this in The Dig Museum:

I would also like to remark that one of our Staff members, has been also linked at . I’m talking about Oded Sharon’s car4ron. I don’t know if Mr.Timothy knows this but Oded is a great programmer and he applied for a programming job on Double Fine & Sons, Incorporated Productions but although he was contacted by the Mighty Double Fine Human Resources department, he wasn’t hired. But that’s ok, Oded will continue to waste his disgustingly great talent in an evil company that has no other reason to be than to fill cubicles with slaves. And that’s a good thing, if you are trying to destroy the world before the apocalypse. Am I Overreacting? No, you CALM DOWN!

Remind me to tell you all about my lovely phone interview I had with Double Fine.

A Hebrew phrase says something like the work of saints is done by others.

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3 Responses to I didn’t say it ! someone else did !

  1. Lechuck2k says:

    Amazing how one little missing “of” can change the meaning of a whole phrase…
    Happy huntin’

  2. Lechuck2k says:

    Not to mention the wonders that a pair of parenthesis would make to understanding which parts of a sentence belong to which…
    A. kor. (but you can call me Avsha)

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