How does a light saber work

and don’t forget to read it through and see other possible uses for a light saber, other then light saber dueling ofcourse.

Also, if you havn’t noticed, Amnon has commented yesterday:
Dude… drop the one liners already!
You promised a review on HHGTDG… and how about some more about Ep3?

Dude !
I’m not here for your amusement.
Perhaps to help you out with some math problems. Don’t start yawning in MY blog..
I havn’t seen any updates in YOUR website lately. I actually havn’t seen it at all recently. What’s the link again ?

Nevertheless, I’ll endulge you.
Well, i did promise some review.
But before that, have you noticed that the ads content I have there at the bottom right improved ?
Google don

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