Best Episode Ever !


This week the Passover Sci-fi Convention took place at the Cinemateque.
I had a lot of fun, bought mechendise, gave a lecture, took pictures, and watch the BEST STAR TREK ENTERPRISE EPISODE EVER !

“In The Mirror Darkly”, episode 18 of seadon 5 of enterprise was so overwhelming, and watching it with an large audience of trekkies in a big theater was making it better.

My lecture’s presentaion can be found here.
And the pictures i took from the convention will be Here, in my hall of pictures when i’ve done uploading them.

Today i woke up, and had a lot of internet catching up to do, because i didn’t get much home internet time this week, things just piled up. And I helped Amnon with a math arithmatic problem.
I need a short vacation from the lack of free time i had during passover. Working full time AND trying to attend a 3 day long convention without taking any days off from work was a straining task.

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  1. Lechuck2k says:

    Rated 5 for helping me out with the annoying problem! :)

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