Did you think i’d put ANY OTHER TITLE ???
Well. i’m not tired. i’m fatigued.
Work is starining, and i come back and have to go to the gym at least twice a week. three times usually.
My spare time during weekdays is usually spend alone.
Either at the gym, or at home playing the computer while Lee is asleep.
I don’t even play any online games not to feel lonely.
(i hope it will change with WoW)
Weekends are usually fun-ner. I get to spend time with Lee, and with friend who come over…(or this weekend we go to)
I wish i could efford myself working part time. 50% or something.
that way i’d have enough time for my enterprises (ship models and business). For instance, if i’d have enough time AND money, i would have tough myself Flash and made those stupid Buy A Car For Ron Gilbert mini-games i keep wanting to make.
And maybe start my own game company. Or maybe fix my resume enough so i can work for some foreign game compny. in US or Canada, or europe or whereever…

ahh… Fantasies….

I’m going to play KOTOR2 and sleep.

edit: due to technical problems this was posted in a delay of almost a day.

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