Foodlog : Sali

Place name:Sali
Location and distance from work:10-15 minutes.
Atmosphere: Expensive.
Genreal food category: Japaneese.
Items tested:
- Sushi
Delicious. We ate Tuna and scallions Maki, Salmon and Avocado Maki and Salmon Nigiri.
It was excellent.
- Rema soup
I initially had in mind some dish I had in Taiwan, and i tought this might be something like that.
It wasn’t but it was vey tasty indeed.
- Japaneese Sinta steak
Though it was medium-rare, i enjoyed it. It was nicely done with japaneese taste and tampura onion rings.
- 4 deserts platter
I liked the two mooses, choclate and cappuchino.
The other two, Sorbe and passion fruit, i didn’t.

Price: 88 NIS
Overall: VERY nice, and VERY expensive.


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