”I’m not dead yet”

Apparantly, i died yesterday.

However, inspecting the evidence further more, someone else with my name actually died:
Article in Ynet

I know of the existance of at least 4 other “Oded Sharon”‘s, two from Haifa. I don’t belive i knew that one.
It reminded me of one time when i was 7 or 8, i found an obituary in the paper for another “Oded Sharon” so saturday morning, i cut it out of the paper, lied on the floor, and smeared some ketchop all over while my sister woke my parents up.
It was so much fun…

I like black humor, and it’s a shame some people don’t get it.

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One Response to ”I’m not dead yet”

  1. Anonymous says:

    was tat yael or me? one of the oded sharons is from yokneam…

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