Worries !

I often tend to worry about all sort of stuff. This time it’s diffrent. When health is involved my worries are worst.

Lee doesn’t feel so good lately. She’s been complaining about head aches and stomach trouble. She went to the doctor who made her take some blood samples. Apparantly she’s missing B12 and has a low red blood cells count. She had a doctor’s appointment tommorow to discuss the results.
When it comes to the health of people i love, i tend to get worried a lot.

I when to my parents today to exchange cars and ended up eating dinner. My sister arrived. She’s been having a rough time recently. Pressure at her studies, combined with other stuff like work, and she’s been fighting a lot with my parents. Especially my mom. I don’t really blame her, my mom, (and i’ve seen it, it’s not just my sister’s built up anger) automatically criticizes her in every move. instead of hello’s it’s: “Did you study for your exams ?”, “are you eating enough ?” “what’s the swelling on your hand ?” “you’ll die from nemek”
I usually tend not to get into the family fights when I can. They’re grown people, they can and should solve their communication problems. but that last part got me worried. When it comes to the health of people i love, i tend to get worried a lot.
After hearing them shout at each other for a while, my sister locked herself in what used to be my room, and now is the computer room (ironic…). i decided to let things cool down for a while, so i finished my dinner and asked my sister to let me in so i can say goodbye before i left.
We talked for a while. Her hand is really swollen, and it got me really worried. When it comes to the health of people i love, i tend to get worried a lot.

My fears are that she got infected with something, and i know how stuborn my sister can be. She needs to go see a doctor who needs to give her some medicatiion, antibiotics or something or it will get even worse. I hope she does that.
The thing that worries me most about health, is that there are so many deseases today, and you can easily get somehting bad in your system, and modern medicine don’t have all the answers, and stuff can get complicated.
I’m not a doctor myself, and it’s very hard for my with all the medical issues, because medical practice is not an exact science like the scientific disiplines i belive in.
A lot of stuff in medicine is empiric, and thus makes it’s practice very hard.

I hope for all the people i love and care about, won’t have any health problems.

Please take care of ourselves.

because when it comes to the health of people i love, i tend to get worried a lot.

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6 Responses to Worries !

  1. astrid says:

    About medicine not being an exact science: that’s just because everybody is unique. We’re all like computers with more or less the same hardware and applications, but different settings in them.
    And I really hope that your girlfriend and your sister will be fine.

    Funny thing: I read somewhere that you have more bacteriae than cells in your body. I bet you didn’t want to know that.

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